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  • Experience the real Vietnam on a bespoke motorbike tour custom made for you by King Nguyen Travel Tour.

  • King Nguyen Travel was established in 2007.  We are experienced at organizing and guiding motorcycle tours to every corner of our country.  These tours show off our breathtaking landscapes, beautiful mountain passes, and interesting historical relics.  Encountering all the colorful, friendly, and happy people will make you love our country as much as we do.  We feel honored to share our culture and history with you

Our customized tours last from half day countryside rides to our more expansive Sapa cross country tours. The Ho Chi Minh Trail and Ha Giang Northern Viet Nam Loop both offer a variety of motorcycle riding experiences which also encompass variations of Vietnamese foods, lifestyle, traditions and customs. 

We are different from other tour companies in that we know where, how and what it takes to create a wonderful motorcycle adventure . Choose from one of our package tours or talk to us about customizing your own trip. We are ready and happy to fully meet your needs so that you can have the adventure of your life!!!

Motor Rental Services:

We also have one-way motorcycle rentals available where you can leave your luggage with us and we will forward it onto your destination.
We will do all we can to make sure that you have a great experience and we consider ourselves to be the best motorbike tour organizer in Vietnam. 
We only use quality motorcycles and scooters to avoid uncomfortable rides and lessen maintainence. You can choose an automatic or semi-automatic scooter or one of our manual motorcycles:
– Manual Motorcycle: Honda XR150cc / CRF250L / CRF300L
– Semi Automatic: Honda Wave brand 2022
– Automatic: Honda Airblade brand 2022

Best Tour guides:

We are proud of having many good guide teams who have attained the abilities of both being highly skilled riders and also roadside mechanics.  We conduct tours with people from all nationalities and have guides who speak both English and French in addition to Vietnamese. Your safety and enjoyment are our top priorities.

Contact us:


 Add: 59 Hai Thuong lan Ong St., Hoi An, Quang Nam, Vietnam.

+84 90 350 44 42 - English speaking (Mr. Vuong),

+84 91 402 53 41 - French speaking (Mr. Ai)

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Contact us:


Address: 59 Hai Thuong lan Ong St., Hoi An, Quang Nam, Vietnam.

Phone: +84 90 350 44 42 - English speaking (Mr. Vuong)

Phone: +84 91 402 53 41 - French speaking (Mr. Ai)




  1. Saved like a butterfly in golden, Hoi An is one of only a handful couple of towns in Vietnam to have survived the nation's tumultuous history pretty much in place. With more than 800 recorded landmarks and structures, this striking yet likewise unusually unobtrusive little place looks like a film set from a former period and is brimming with the air and beauty of past days. If one somehow happened to pick the single place that best embodies the sentiment of Indochina, Hoi An eventual Vietnam's most grounded contender for the title.

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