Vietnam motorbike tour from Hoi An to Ha Noi Via Northwest - Sapa

 Vietnam motorbike tour from Hoi An to Ha Noi Via Northwest

 (9 Days - 8 Nights / 1990 Km)

Destination: Hoi An - Hue - DMZ - Phong Nha Cave - Tan Ky - Mai Chau - Ta Xua - Mu Cang Chai - Sapa - Vu Linh - Ha Noi

Riding from the Central Hoi An to North of Vietnam is an experience of a lifetime. Embarking on a motorcycle trip in Vietnam will enrich your life tenfold. Starting in Hoi An, central of Vietnam, heading north you will have access to the world-famous Ho Chi Minh trail, pit stop in ethnic villages, coastal towns, relax on breathtaking beaches, experience local cuisines, mingle with locals, visit UNESCO sites such as Hue Citadel and Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park, and of course, fall in-love with your motorcycle. 

The mountains are higher, and the passes are loftier than anywhere else in the country. Riding can be slow, but the scenery is sublime, the roads are extraordinarily ambitious, and the history and culture is fascinating. The north of Vietnam is the best riding some people have ever experienced. This 9-day motorcycle tour in Northern Vietnam will give you a full view of the hidden beauty and rich tradition of Vietnam. It covers all the famous attractions in the Northern Mountain areas along with the untouched lands in remote areas such as near the Chinese border of which not many tourists can visit. We assure you it’s one of our greatest adventures and may very well be  the trip of your life.

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1: Hoi An – Hue 190km

Firstly, we are stopping at the Cham Tower an 11th century building as well as visiting historic American war sites. Then we will pass over Hai Van Pass through the local hinterland. Travel through the green rice fields enjoying the fresh air and beautiful scenery which will fill your senses. You will have a chance to stop and take breathtaking pictures, enjoy the Vietnamese coffee as well visit the Mushroom farm. 

We will then head down for lunch. Our adventures will ride on to  the Fishing village at the Tam Giang lagoon, visit the fishing village before  visit the City of Tombs or, if the weather does not permit, we will travel, instead, along Highway 1 and before arriving in Hue.

Overnight: Hotel

Day 2: Hue – Phong nha 230km

We will follow small roads through the countryside, crossing the local ferry crossing the Tam Giang Lagoon then we will ride crossing ''floating bridge" then onto the Hien Luong bridge: known as the "Peace Bridge", a beam bridge built from steel by the French in 1950 which marks the border between North and South Vietnam before Here and Ben Hai river:  an important landmark in the partition of the country into a northern and a southern zone along the 17th parallel by the Geneva Accords of 1954. We will then arrive at the Vinh Moc Tunnels, where an entire village went underground in 1960 to survive the bombing. 

The complex of tunnels, located deep in the Vietnamese Demilitarized Zone, include wells, kitchens and rooms for each family. After exploring the Vinh Moc tunnels we will pass through the tunnel that leads us to the local beach here. In the afternoon, we will drive along the HCM highway east to Phong Nha. If we have time, will be spend around 1.30 hours to explore the area by foot and boat or can do it on the next day morning.

Hotel homestay

Day 3: Phong Nha – Tan Ky 290km

After breakfast, we will keep riding the historical Ho Chi Minh trail up to the North, deep into rural Vietnam and onwards towards the Laos border. The drive takes in remote landscapes that steadily shift into views dominated by karst limestone rock formations. The ride is almost on the repaired part of the trail but still offers a great view of mountain and the daily life of the local. The motorbike ride on Ho Chi Minh trail in the afternoon must be the highlight of the trip. Just enjoy an easy and relaxing motorbike tour on Ho Chi Minh road to Tan Ky town. Stay in a guesthouse in town.

Day 4: Tan Ky – Mai Chau 290km

Following the new Ho Chi Minh Highway, which lies on top of the original Ho Chi Minh Trail. This newly carved route leads us due south through remote back country, not far from the Lao border. Our route then takes us across mountain passes before descending to the alluring mountain valley settlement of Mai Chau, an area famous for its Thai Ethnic groups, where we can enjoy an interesting motorcycle tour in North Vietnam through some peaceful villages on the back-roads that offer you amazing view of green mountain and rice fields. 
Our hosts for the night are a local family who will provide us with beautiful accommodation in a 
traditional stilted house and a family dinner where you will be invited to enjoy a delicious spread of home cooked, regional specialties. (Accommodation: Traditional Thai Stilt House)

Day 5: Mai Chau – Ta Xua 200km

Plenty of singletrack and dirt roads today as we pass through remote areas inhabited by the Thai tribes, where the locals are dressed in their colorful attire, take some souvenir photos, then keep moving ahead, the road is quite steep and it might make you unforgettable memory for you. Only when it comes to the forest, you will feel overwhelmed by the beauty of the northwestern forest, steep tracks and more amazing views. You surely will be surprised by the beautiful scenery along the road pass, which on one side is high mountains and on the other is a valley with plum trees. 

We will then be crossing the Da River on Local ferry chugs us over to the other side. From here, we head high up into the hills on off-road trails that lead us to tiny mountain villages before we descend to our destination of Ta XuaFinishing with a challenging ride up to our overnight stop, we will be greeted with some much-appreciated cold beers!

Accommodation: Hotel.

Day 6: Ta Xua  - Mu cang chai / 230km

On this day, we venture further into the remote regions of the Hmong and Dao minority villages. Make sure your cameras are charged today – the colorfully dressed locals combined with the beautiful villages and mountainous backdrop make for some truly incredible sights. This legendary route presents us with a demanding challenge in addition to its spectacular splendor and dangerous curves and twists. More technical off-road riding today as we traverse the rugged landscapes on our way to Mu Cang Chai. 

This day could be the most scenic motorbike ride in Vietnam, it offers one of the most beautiful views of North Vietnam. The ride is challenging but very rewarding.

 Accommodation: Guesthouse.

Day 7: Mu cang chai – Sapa / 170km

Today we pass through forests and alongside tea plantations as we continue through the highlands. We cross numerous passes, including the highest pass in Vietnam: Tram Thon pass, at 1900m. This pass is known as ‘Heaven’s Gate’, It is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to view the spectacular majesty of Fansipan mountain from the top of the pass. 
Before you descend to the mountainous Sa Pa valley, a must-see location on North Vietnam motorbike adventures, the terraced rice fields of the Sapa region are some of the most spectacular in the world and tonight’s accommodation is perched atop a hill, slap bang in the middle of it all. Its naturally gifted beauty keeps attracting more and more people to spend their vacation there. Particularly, the place is the foremost choice for honeymoon couples! Overnight at Hotel!

Day 8: SAPA – Vu Linh/ 220km

Today's road trip will cost you 240km. The plan for the 5th day of Off-road Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours - 6 Days towards Northwest regions is to ride from Sapa down to Lao Cai city and meet the Chinese border region. The interesting thing when visiting Vietnam – China border is the busy scene of exchanging goods between people in the two countries. The coffee here is another plus point as it has good taste at a low price. 

Along the way, it is common to see some remote villages and local markets there, our team will pass a lake named Thac Ba. From there, we follow a small road that has two sides of palm trees, together with great mountains. Ride for more few kilometers; the road becomes better and larger with beautiful views. That is when we get closer to Vu Linh. After approximately 6 hours of sitting on your motorbikes, our tour team arrives in Vu Linh and spends the 5th night here when you are welcome in the hospitality of the local host.

Day 9: Vu Linh – Ha Noi/ 170 Km

Our last day, we walked around Ba waterfall and travelled to Sapa. Along the way, I could see rural Vietnam's broad, verdant countryside stretched out before me through several patches of mountain fog.Our modest convoy travelled through dozens of remote towns filled with happy, waving children, knee-deep rivers to cross, and thin mountain routes to climb and descend, we will pass through a green tea plantation. We promise it will be a part of your best off-road Vietnam Motorcycle Adventures. 

Tour includes:

–        Experienced English-speaking guide

–        Motorcycle Honda XR150cc

– Personal, local licensed driver, if required (for pillion passengers)

–        Fuel, Meals, entry fees, International safety standard helmet, rain ponchos.

Tour excludes:

–        Alcohol, VAT 10%.

–        Personal & motorbike insurance (for motorcycle accident)

–        Personal expenses/tips

Price from: $ 1125 USD / per person / 9 Days- 8 Nights.


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